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Our shows can travel to your school or organisation, making the magic of theatre accessible to all!

450 - 500 learners @ R25 each

350 - 450 learners @ R30 each

250 - 350 learners @ R40 each

200 - 250 learners @ R50 each

150 - 200 learners @ R60 each

Schools with less than 150 learners, please contact the theatre for more information regarding pricing: bookings@nctt.org.za

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MARCH 2020


Bullying has become a severe and damaging school epidemic that is on the increase.


Barbara Creecy MEC has stated that the true extent of bullying is under-reported because victims fear further victimization. Schools too are guilty because they often try to contain the problem or conceal it to maintain their “perfect” record. This is the time to intervene.

The Revealers is a realistic story that is not judgmental or preachy. It has a powerful impact on raising awareness and changing the culture in schools. It will help those who are being bullied to acquire the knowledge, courage and skills to STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT. And at the same time it will make bullies recognize the harm that they create. It also empowers bystanders to bullying recognize that they need to be UPSTANDERS!

This program is suitable for ages 9 -15.


National Children´s Theatre has created a special anti-bullying edu-tainment program called Just Be You! A series of vignettes aimed at informing younger viewers about "othering" - the beginnings of bullying.  Teaching lessons of love, patience and acceptance - that we are all beautiful!  Children will be exposed to themes of authenticity and embracing individuality. 


This is an interactive session that engages the hearts and minds of children.  Audiences learn that our differences make us perfect.

This program is suitable for ages 5 - 8. 

APRIL 2020

By arrangement with Dalro
by Athol Fugard

My Children! My Africa!  is a compulsory set work studied by Grade 12 government school learners for English as a First Additional Language.


Set in 1985 South Africa, My Children! My Africa! explores the interaction and relationships between Thami, a gifted 17 year old black student, his teacher Mr. M., and Isabel, a confident and enthusiastic white student who befriends them during an inter-school debate held in the location of a small provincial town. 


The play presents the obstacles encountered by two young people whose friendship is coloured by the racial divide and the tensions of the society that they live in, and juxtaposes contradictory approaches to achieving racial equality. Fugard skillfully explores the continuous struggle between the political and the individual in the context of relationships fraught with unresolved personal conflict, frustration and loneliness. A heartbreaking and powerful must see play for every learner.